Surrendering Your Pet



The Marion Area Humane is a non-profit organization that is full supported by the Marion Community. There is a $25 Surrendering Fee. This fee supplies the surrendered animal with food, water, and shelter while they stay at the shelter.

  • We ask that anyone wanting to, or thinking of, surrendering an animal call the shelter first (740-389-6548), so a manager can speak with them about our procedures and different options for the specific animal and situation.
  • Once at the shelter, we ask that the animal(s) remain outside or in the safety of the owner’s vehicle until after the appropriate paperwork has been filled out. Once paperwork has been completed you may bring your pet to the door marked “In Take” (not adoption). 
  • Medical records of the animals being surrendered should also be brought or at least the name, address and phone number of the animal’s previous veterinarian clinic so a complete history can be obtained for our records
  • If you are dropping of an animal to surrender, please arrive 30min before closing time to process paper work and so that we may feed/water the animal before we close